About Turbotek


About Turbotek Industries

Turbotek Industries established in the year 1992 specialized in the production of self-lubricated bearings used for rotary or translatory movement between mechanical parts. The sister concern unit AWWA Technologies hosts the bushing plant.

Turbo self-lubricated bearings are industry quality leaders catering to the Valve Industry, Automotive Industry, Plastic Machinery, Construction and Agriculture Machinery, Hydraulic Machinery and General Industrial machinery.

The information given permits designers to establish the correct size of bearings required and the expected life and performance.


Turbo self-lubricated Bearings are produced in strict adherence to a well-defined quality system to offer our customers totally reliable products valuing total customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we are continually improving our processes, products, supply chain and services. Meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction at all times by inculcating a strict quality culture at all levels of the company.

Turbotek Operating System


Practice 1

Put the customer first, and provide real value

Practice 2

Synchronize flows ( material, physical and information )

Practice 3

Design quality in every step of the process

Practice 4

Involve people and promote teamwork

Practice 5

Ensure equipment and tools are available and capable

Practice 6

Create functional excellence

Practice 7

Establish the right environment

Practice 8

Treat preferred suppliers as partners

Practice 9

Follow common problem solving techniques

Practice 10

Use Six Sigma as the primary process improvement method
Quality policy and quality objectives
Policy Objective Indicator Periodicity Responsibility Goal
1. Quality products with on time delivery Design quality in every step of the process and monitor it Quality performance review Weekly Quality 99%
Set delivery targets and meet them On Time delivery (OTD) Daily PPC 95%
2. Customer satisfaction through continuous improvement Put customer first and create real value through best quality products Customer compliant analysis, Customer feedback analysis (DPPM) Monthly Marketing 97%
Create functional excellence through continuous improvement Kaizen Monthly Operations 2 every month
2. Effectiveness of implemented systems Achieve world class manufacturing by monitoring the 6M aspects Overall equipment effectiveness of a manufacturing line (OEEML) Monthly Operations 85% (World class)